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Since 2005 we have been completing projects reinforcing company communication. We support dialogue with employees. We help to reach the customers.


A panoramic view

Your goal is efficient communication. But before you try to achieve it ask yourself questions to help you assess current situation and take the right decisions.

What is?

You will find out all of this during an audit. Learn about communication weaknesses and strengths in your company.

What can be?

You will find an answer in the strategy. We will prepare it based on information gathered during an audit.

How to achieve this?

Use communication tools indicated in the strategy. We will help you design, implement, and handle them.

How to make it better

Profile your team’s knowledge. We will arrange a training for you to optimise the way you use your communication tools.


You are already aware of your needs and what we think about the advantages of comprehensive approach to communication. Now let us have a look at tools and services that will help your company to improve communication.

Ikona - audyt


This an overview of communication tools, content and practices used in a company. A number of tests we carry out will help us learn about communication quality.

Ikona - strategia


List of recommendations. It indicates optimum communication tools, including a schedule of actions.

Ikona - Materiały drukowane

Printed materials

Print reinforces the credibility of information. It builds identification. Creates a long tradition of reading habits.

Ikona - nowe media

New media

Multimedia provide dynamics and interactivity. This is how you will reach new generations: newsletters, e-newspapers with social media function, applications.

Ikona - szkolenia


You will reinforce your team with profiled knowledge on recommended strategy tools or photographic workshop.

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