Pratt & Whitney Poland

Vortal and mobile app
– Vortal serves as an internal online communication platform across all four branches of Pratt & Whitney Poland — it allows to rapidly update employees on the most recent developments at the company. But besides business news, Vortal is also a place that helps with employee integration via crosswords, quizzes, and other lifestyle content. Thanks to the mobile app, employees can access all the necessary information from anywhere in the world.
„Wiadomości” Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów
– A great example of a well-established internal communication tool. This monthly magazine has been already published for decades.d.
„Wiadomości” Pratt & Whitney Tubes Niepołomice
– Each issue of this quarterly magazine includes a well-measured portion of business news and other engaging content.
Communication support
– Training kits and support in employer branding (flyers, posters, internal communication campaigns).